The Customer Lifecycle Intelligence

  • Marketing Activities
  • Lead Capturing Management
  • Sales Pipeline Management
  • Actionable Insight
  • Loyalty-Customers

Integrated Customer Engagement Plan
For Entire Customer Lifecycle

Pre-Sales to
Post Sales on Wisible

Starting from Exploring to close the sale, track sales, and management through the Sales Pipeline. Wisible end, all in one place.

Customer Centrics
on Single Place

See the overview the sales and customer data in 360° to achieve Actionable Insight capped both marketing and sales

Generate Sales with
Happy Customers

Close deals with Customers Data allows, you can plan to achieve Repurchase from old customers


Lead Auto Capturing

Keep Lee from channels Offline and Online access to auto to forward them to the sales team can work effectively for the business that emphasizes Quality Lead can filter the leaderboard before forwarded to sales team

CLIP Features

  • System Lead Scoring to evaluate the likelihood of closing the sale
  • Screening, Hot Lead forwarded to sales team
  • LINE Notification alert Ali new sales team

Gain Real-Time Visibility

For businesses with multiple branches can Monitor overview the work of each branch within a single all sales activities, activities occurring within the deal, easy to track and efficiency with access to the customer with a data Insight

CLIP Features

  • Sales through Sales Pipelines with Customers Social Activity
  • System LINE Assistant running through in line with Notification about the deal
  • The call-out, out the quotation within deals and collect all Log Activity between sales and customers

Customer Holistic View in One Single Place

Study the behavior of the customer through the Customer Journey from Day1 with all the information related to deals in a single, 360°, with accurate information ready Insight depth can be used to establish communication. Personalization

Actionable Insight throught Report

Reported key indicators, in addition to Sales Metrics that you’re familiar with, we help you know the performance from upstream to downstream, the easier since the Marketing Campaign to have the leaderboard to Sales Metrics when closing deals.

CLIP Features

  • Funnel Reports of Marketing Campaign Performance Report
  • Lead Status Report
  • Leaky in Revenue Funnel Report

Actionable Insight throught Report

Executive sales team has Full Loop with blend tool for both Marketing and Sales can bring to the analysis further to help predict future sales with Data-driven from a provider of specialized and Expert in the field of Sales & Marketing truly
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